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AGE PROOF is your digital gatekeeper for age-restricted purchases, making it simple, secure, and swift.

Discover AGE PROOF: The Next-Gen Age Verification App


Empowering Responsible Retail with AGE PROOF

In today’s digital marketplace, ensuring a secure and seamless age verification process is paramount. AGE PROOF is your premier age verification app, designed to simplify age-restricted purchases for both consumers and businesses. As the digital gatekeeper for responsible retail, our app makes age verification a breeze—simple, secure, and swift.


Our Vision for a Streamlined Experience

We envision a world where verifying a customer's age is quick, easy, and secure, thanks to AGE PROOF. As the leading age verification app, we are dedicated to improving the retail experience by eliminating the complexities of traditional age checks. With AGE PROOF, we're setting a new standard for digital age verification, ensuring responsible transactions without the hassle.


Solving the Age-Old Verification Challenge

With the AGE PROOF app, retailers can confidently comply with legal age restrictions, and consumers can enjoy the convenience of modern technology. Our solution offers a frictionless checkout process that upholds privacy and security, revolutionizing the way age verification is conducted in retail.


Security First

AGE PROOF integrates robust security measures to safeguard data, providing peace of mind for users and retailers alike.

Simplicity Redefined

The user-friendly interface of our age verification app ensures that anyone can verify their age with just a tap.

Speedy Verification

Our app completes the age verification process in an instant, keeping the checkout flow smooth and efficient.

AGE PROOF Features

Revolutionizing Retail with Advanced Age Verification

Simple QR Scans

With AGE PROOF, a quick QR code scan is all it takes to confirm a customer's age. Our streamlined scanning process eliminates the need for manual ID checks, allowing for a faster checkout experience and reducing queues. This feature of our age verification app ensures that transactions are not only speedy but also secure.

Seamless Government ID Integration

Trust is paramount in age verification. AGE PROOF seamlessly integrates with government-issued IDs, providing indisputable verification accuracy. By connecting digital identities with our app, retailers can ensure compliance with regulatory requirements without sacrificing customer convenience.

User-Friendly Dashboard for Retailers

AGE PROOF's dashboard is designed with the retailer in mind. Real-time updates and an intuitive layout allow store managers to easily monitor customer verifications. It’s the control center of our age verification app, providing all the necessary tools to manage and oversee the age verification process efficiently.

End-to-End Security

Every step in the AGE PROOF process is protected with industry-leading security measures. From data encryption to secure information storage, we prioritize the privacy and protection of all users. AGE PROOF stands as a beacon of trust in the age verification app market.

Adaptable to Various Retail Environments

Whether it's a busy nightclub or a local liquor store, AGE PROOF adapts to diverse retail environments. Our age verification app is flexible and can be tailored to fit the unique needs of any business, ensuring that age verification is always a smooth part of the customer journey.

24/7 Support and Updates

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t end at checkout. AGE PROOF provides round-the-clock support and regular app updates, ensuring that our age verification app stays at the cutting edge of technology and compliance.

By choosing AGE PROOF, you’re not just getting an app; you’re gaining a partner in responsible retail. Experience the ease, security, and speed that our age verification app brings to your business.

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